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日本の輸出入品目 アメリカ輸出 輸入 電磁波イメージ J. Maxwell H. Hertz Hertz's Expeiment G. Marconi TV set 高柳健治郎   Fermi Questions  
2 Energy & Environmental Issues Energy Consumption Population Change Global Warming Energy Saving Tips Lights 青色LED-News 発光の仕組み    
3 Histroy of Physics Aristotle  アリストテレス Glileo ガリレオ Isaac Newton ニュートン Comets 彗星 Elementary Einstein    
3.4 Free Fall Feather & Hammer C6 Coriols The rotor ride-YouTube Running up from the bottom Artificial gravity Animation  Coriolis Merry-Go-Round  Falkland Paris Gun Coriolis-Kenya 
4.3 Relative Motion popo     Hurricane(YT)  Pulser YouTube(NASA) 
4.4 Projectile Motion

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   Pencil Sharpner Analysis 解析
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      C8 RockyMountainMaps ContourMap 尾瀬 
5.7   DEMOkeio-Weightlessness    
      C9_Linear Momentum Heart  p265 Ballistocardiograph Ballistocardiograph  Heartbeat detector   Eta Carinae-wiki Columbia Univ 
      Center of Mass    Fosbury Flop Weight of an Hourglass (AJP) 

Eratosthenes (276BC -196BC) History of Metre - wiki  メートル法
 Delambre-Mechain Triangulation 1795 伊能忠敬   子午線1度1802   Henry Cavendish (1731-1810)


万有引力wiki 重力wiki
  Universal Gravitation-wiki Gravity  アインシュタイン方程式wiki  重力波KAGRA  Gravitational Wave-wiki


Retrograde Motion 逆行運動 四十にして惑わず 
Nicolaus Copernicus コペルニクス 転回 Revolution
パラダイムシフト Paradigm shift 
Tycho Brahe (1546 -1601) ティコ・ブラーエ 
Johannes Kepler  ケプラー 疑惑 Galileo Galilei ガリレオ  
Thity Years War 三十年戦争 Isaac Newton  ニュートン


Solar System Planets Planets-wiki Planetary attributes Asteroids 惑星以外の天体







    C19 Electric Charges Photocopier Electrodialysis Electrodialysis2  Semipermeable membrane Electric eel SharkPOD StElmo'sFire ElectrostaticPrecipitator  


    C20 p702 RockyMountainMaps ContourMap 尾瀬 


    p711 Theremin  Defibrillator(AED) オムロンAED  Electromagnetic Flowmeter  YouTube MassSpectrometry SolarWind AuroraMechanism


    C22 Magnetism Magnetic Declination and Magnetic Inclination (Dip)  地磁気とは 地磁気の説明 地磁気測量 


    p773 Mass Spectroscopy  Cyclotron  Synchlotron  Spring-8 Northern Light YouTube  Hall Effect  


    C23Faraday'sLaw Eddy Current-wiki KJ-Mag  Magnetor  Speedmeters BalaneSpring  




    C24 AC Circuits SPring-8 Leonardo da Vinci-wiki MRI-wiki  


Reflection of Waves-animation 

Reflection-StandingWave-animation  StandingWave-animation 

  Resonance Breakin wine glass  Tacoma Bridge   Thermodynamics Steam EngineVideo   Heat Pump 
  Sound Infrasound Ultrasound Whispering Arch in Grand Central Sta  Echolocation  Radiative Cooling Relativity PET-wiki TimeDilation Michelson-Morley Experiment-wiki Hafele-Keating Experiment  Gravitational acceleration Gravity of Earth- g values  Einstein cross(2017) image  LIGO  LIGO-wiki 
    Kunkt's Tube C30_Quantum Physics WinterTriangle Orion Planck&Einstein  Solar sail IKAROS    光ピンセットWiki   CircularWire
  Doppler Effect Fire Engine Siren  AcelaExpress  Car  MovingnObserver  Animation   (波形)   Scanning Tunneling Microscopy     走査型トンネル顕微鏡(日立) hooktail 
      C31_Atomic Physics 下村脩wiki 朝日 GFP  ラベル 
  Light The Milky Way Andromeda AndromedaGalaxy  constellation  mythology  Mirage in highway  Mirage at Sea  Diary7-20-2016    
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  Electrons Vacuum Discharge  JJ Thomson's exp  IKAROS  Optical tweezers 光ピンセット  Gas Electron Diffraction  Halos PF3 - PF3 OPF3  
4 Introduction to Physics (6)ポジトロン断層法 (7)Why doesn't the Moon fall down? (9)Comets 彗星 (10)Nuclear Power Plant CoolingTower 海依存 
    (PearsonTopicsSupport, By J. S. Walker) (11)GPS GPSj "Neccesity is the Mother of Invention-- ?" Speed of Satelite(12-19-2015)
5   (15)History of Meter メートル法 Delambre-Mechain Triangulation 1795 Ino 子午線1度1802 (16)Kilogram Standard 
6   (17)Atomic Clock 原子時計 (26)100メートル走の計測 セイコーエプソン (26)数値の丸め方 (30フェルミ推定 (31)グラフの描き方 
7 Free Fall Aristotle vs Galileo  Galileo / Appolo 思考実験  History (Galileo's Leaning Tower of Pisa experiment   Hammer vs Feather in 1971)
    My Physics Diary
9 Engine 蒸気エンジンの歴史  蒸気機関  ガソリンエンジンwiki スターリングエンジン-wiki
10   Longitudinal Wave
11   Mass Spectrometry  
12 Oscillation Critical Damping